Monday, April 14, 2014

Cape Cod

One of the most popular tourist and vacation area in Massachusetts, Cape Cod is an arm shaped peninsula that features miles and miles of beaches, natural attractions, historic sites, art galleries and many four star restaurants.
Divided into many regions, Cape Cod consists of:
  • Upper Cape
  • Mid Cape
  • Lower Cape
  • Outer Cape
  • The Islands
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ocean Park at Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard

This is the perfect place for those MA visitors who are looking for a chance to act like a teenager all over again. It is also natural respite for coupleshoneymoonersretirees and young kids. Wide open space rolling off in front of you right after you step foot off the ferry ride. For years, even the locals, would bypass Ocean Park in favor of other more touristy sites but if one slows down and look beyond all the enchanting beautiful buildings and see that Mother Nature had intended for Ocean Park at Oak Bluffs to be a place of comfort for those who are rushing around, busy with their everyday lives.
So, if you have the time during your MA bus charter visit, do get the charter bus driver to make a pit stop at the ferry and hop onto to the other side.
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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Beyond Boston

There is more to Massachusetts than Boston and we can prove to you, as we rundown the list of events and festivals being held this year-end, that there are many other neighborhoods and cities worth your while in this huge state. And we are sure you can easily and comfortably enjoy all of them with comfortable MA charter bus.
First off the list would be Festival Night happening in downtown Lexington.

An unforgettable event in Lexington

Lexington is located in Middlesex County which was first settled in 1642 and famous for being the first site to be hit during the American Revolutionary War, Battle of Lexington in 1775. It has definitely grown beyond just a historically-significant landmark city and location. We invite you to be a part of an incredible night of celebration happening this December 6, 2013 at 4pm in what is simply called ‘Festival Night’. It is best to use a comfortable charter bus for this Boston event if you are heading over in a group.
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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lowell, A Growing MA City, Worth a Visit

Despite being not too large in size, Massachusetts was once known as a place for industrial revolution where tens of thousands of jobs were created in order to help the people who came here to call it home survive. Although it has been a long time ago, this phase of Boston and MA’s development and growth have left a deep impression on the people and culture. So, if you really want to get to know Bostonians and MA people on a deeper level during your bus rental MA vacation, you need to hit as many places as you possibly can and this can only be done proper when you are using a charter bus, shuttle coach, passenger large transportation charter, mini bus, party bus or other types of transportation.
We think that although there is much history and culture behind Boston, Lowell of Massachusetts deserves as much attention from tourists too. Bus Rental MA charter bus rental customers are surprised to see an exponential boom in the commerce, educational, entertainment and art sectors too. At this day and age, Lowell is now home to hundreds of thousands of residents and we can see how it is growing in the tourism sector too.
There are benefits to staying in Lowell, as opposed to choosing to live in Boston, because it serves as an alternative destination for people who are looking for an urban place where there is easy access to most of the major highways, a growing number of colleges and an epicly fast growing commercial scene. In short, you sort of get what you can get in Boston MA but at a fraction of the price.
As can be seen, many more large internationally-known organizations are coming to set up their branches and even headquarters in Lowell, namely Motorola, JP Morgan, Siemens Water and MetLife Insurance. This is evident that Lowell is now seen as a potential business hub and in the near future, I think the number will only grow. In recent years, editors and writers of magazines have gone on to give Lowell some lovely and sticky nicknames but what is endearing is that Lowell has made its way into the list of America’s Geekiest Cities.
During your bus rental MA vacation in Boston, it makes perfect sense to bring the rented bus to Lowell for a quick lookaround because they are both interconnected via an expansive and efficient highway and there is even a direct subway line connecting both cities. However, if you are using a charter bus from Bus Rental MA, then we are talking about a short bus ride away.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Polly Hill Arboretum’s a MA Gem

For those who enjoy gardening and flowers, renting an MA bus to the Polly Hill Arboretum would sound like an exciting trip. The Polly Hill Arboretum is located at 809 State Rd., West Tisbury, Martha’s Vineyard, and for visitors who are afraid that they may get lost trying to find the place, they don’t have to worry about anything at all when they engage the professional service of a bus company.

The Polly Hill Arboretum is a seventy acre public garden that used to be Polly Hill’s private property and it is now a Martha’s Vineyard horticultural and botanical landmark too. Her interest in collecting seeds and plants from all over the world throughout her lifetime has caused her property to be what it is today. As she collects the seeds and plants, she also nurtures them on her farm. At this arboretum, you will be able to enjoy many different types of unique plants and discover how they are successfully grown. Even if you are not there to learn more about plants and gardening, it is also a great place for some quiet contemplation time – away from the busy city and away from the busy life. In fact, we find this place rather serene and peaceful, a wonderful place to come and have what some may call, “cave time” or “me time”.

Whatever the reason, whenever the season, a visit to the Polly Hill Arboretum always does good for the soul. Imagine, walking around a huge property that is covered with beautiful, exotic and unique plants. Not only is the view very soothing for the eyes, it also gives you a very peaceful feeling too. To make the trip even more interesting, it would be an excellent idea to arrange to go there in an MA rental bus. You avoid the hassle of trying to locate the place and that gives you a break from having to drive too. Around the arboretum, you will notice that there are stone walls that are almost covered with plants and shrubs. Some of the favorites among visitors to the arboretum are the Julian Hill magnolia, monkey puzzle tree and the kousa dogwood allee. Many trees and plants at the Polly Hill Arboretum are labeled, enabling visitors to be able to learn and recognize the trees and plants. The grounds of the arboretum are open to visitors from sunrise to sunset, but the Visitor Center is only open from 9.30am until 4pm from Memorial Day to Columbus Day and tours would usually start at 10am. While there are no admission fee required, they do suggest a $5 donation.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Spectacular Madaket Beach of Nantucket MA

When people think of making a Boston MA charter bus rental trip, the first city that often comes to mind would be the historically-rich city of Boston. Of course, there continues to be a very unique charm to Boston but the understated and under promoted little corner of Massachusetts, Nantucket, deserves, very much, everyone’s attention as well.
Nantucket is a small island that stretches across thirty miles south of the, also popular, island of Cape Cod. Nantucket is sometimes associated with another small island of Massachusetts, Muskeget and while both have similarities and are small island towns in their own way, Nantucket and Muskeget should be succinctly distinguishes. The name Nantucket itself was a quick adaptation of an Algonquian name for islands which means, very simply, a faraway land or a piece of land that has been separated from the mainland area.
Nantucket, deservingly so, has been called one of the top Boston MA tourist attraction because despite the cold, chilling and sometimes cruel winter weather that the region receives most years, the attraction in Nantucket continues on and we will see MA charter bus rental tourists making their way here as a form of escape from the cold weather. In response to the increase in tourist visits, the population of Nantucket, as expected, rose from about ten thousand residents to fifty thousand...especially during, yes, you’ve guessed it, summer months.
With such a thriving tourism industry, the homes and real estate industry is also blooming with Forbes Magazine reporting that the home values in Nantucket island being one of the highest and most expensive in the whole of United States.
As with all other beachside holiday tourist attraction, restaurants, cafes, shops, and retail outlets are built in and around the beaches. You would be doing yourself and your family and friends a favor if you brought the MA charter bus to Madaket Beach at least once during your stay. It is hard not to be blown away by the beauty of the beach, regardless of the day. The soft breeze that is blowing in the air, the blue waves curling into the sandy beaches, the absolutely beautiful summer weather and cheerful is all very hard not to fall in love with.
The beauty of a visit to Madaket Beach is that despite it being a popular tourist hotspot, there is always space for you, and it is peaceful, serene and perfect for a late beachside walk later during the day when you get the chance to watch the sun set. If there is still some time left from your MA charter bus rental visit, stay back after sunset and watch the seals play around with each other.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Let History Come to Life at Historic Northampton

History can be a boring subject in school - but it does not have to always be like that. If you are a teacher and you would like to add some colours to history, renting a bus and taking your students out for a day of learning out class at the Historic Northampton would definitely sound like a great idea. Even your students will thank you for having come up with such a brilliant idea!
As you and your students climb down from the Massachusetts rented bus, you will see that the Historic Northampton is a combination of 3 historic houses that are built adjacent to one another - all of which still stands on its original sites. It has a collection of about fifty thousand items of the repository of Northampton and Connecticut Valley history - all the way from the Pre-Contact era to the current times. Items like photographs, documents and manuscripts from the seventeenth right up to the twentieth centuries, textiles collection, costumes, fine art are just some of the things that your students will get to see with their own eyes.
Not only that, you will also see collections that are a representation of the history of Northampton as well as to a certain extent, the history of the Connecticut River Valley too. Before you think that these are the only objects that your students will get to see, there are also other items such as weapons, transportation artifacts, fire equipment that were used in the past, trade signs and many more unique and collectible items.
The first house to visit is the Damon House, which was built by architect Isaac Damon back in 1813 and a newer, modern structure was added to it in 1987. The Damon house contains the administrative offices of the Historic Northampton while its modern structure displays changing exhibits with a permanent installation - A Place Called Paradise: The Making of Northampton, Massachusetts which chronicles the Northampton history.
Next to the Damon House is the Parsons House, built in 1719 but this house is currently closed to the public due to renovation works. The Parsons House showcases an overview of the Colonial domestic architecture that has attracted many visitors in the past before it closed for renovations. Last but not least is the Shepherd House, which is the head office of the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities.
Before you and your students hop back onto the rented bus, do visit the Museum Shop for some little mementos if you wish, or purchase one or two books from their wide range of books available on Northampton history.